Custom Conveyor Systems


When we first started digging pools 25 years ago most of the excavations were truck accessible. Over the years we started using bobcats.  As the accesses got smaller so did the excavators and bobcats

Now access is so tight in some cases

it's either dangerous to safely navigate or just to expensive with conventional equipment .

With the introduction  of our conveyor system we have been able to go places we, weren’t able to go before. Not only are we going into tighter accesses, but we have found customers and their neighbours love the idea of  conveyors , because the conveyor leaves no mess or marks. Our customers are using it even when there is access for bigger equipment. 

Although we can get our conveyors through a 40 inch opening, it’s counter productive if you can only get a  tiny 1 1/2 ton excavator into the backyard .

That's why last year we took a new 5 ton excavator and cut it down to 4 foot 7 inches.

With this combination we can easily finish most pools in under a day. Also a 5 ton excavator really makes a difference when you need extra reach or get into heavy clay.


As houses get closer,

Neighbours are getting more distant

Neat, accurate, fast, and 
                    -Mario Kenel